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Do you have a charcuterie question? Yves, Sophie, Vincent, Sandrine and their colleagues will provide a straight-talking answer. Because charcuterie is their passion.

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    Great ideas in perfect measure

    To introduce charcuterie into your weekly menu

    For foodies

    “I absolutely love eating. I organise my meals and I spend a large part of my budget on food. I eat everything, but I tend to avoid ready meals. I enjoy eating charcuterie with drinks as an aperitif, but also as a main dish, offal most of all.”

    For the bon vivants

    “I love charcuterie. I eat a lot of meat with cheese, bread, potatoes and pulses. I particularly enjoy products that have a link to the ‘terroir’. I love taking time to appreciate good food either on my own, or with friends and family.

    For the health-conscious

    “I tend not to eat a lot in the evening. I like simple foods… soups, ham, stewed fruits and dairy. I don’t eat a lot of meat, but I like to indulge every so often and enjoy really good quality meat or a good terrine.”

    For the time-poor

    “I don’t have much time to cook, so I tend to opt for something quick and simple….quiches, salads etc. I often eat out at lunchtime, or on-the-go, so sandwiches or ready-meals. At the weekend, I enjoy meeting up with friends for drinks.”

    For the ‘keep it simple’

    I have children and/or a busy job, so I tend to make simple meals, which everybody enjoys, often including carbohydrates, and sometimes with meat such as ham, poultry or lardons. I’m always stocked up on pulses.”