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On 3 December at midday, FICT’s brand new communication platform …




On 3 December at midday, FICT’s brand new communication platform ‘Questions on charcuterie’, available on French website www.lescharcuteries.fr, was launched to the press and attracted some thirty participants, including journalists, nutritionists, member producers and other key organisations such as the ANIA and IFIP.


Eric Birlouez, sociologist and food and agriculture expert, and Michel Krempf, professor of nutrition, accompanied Bernard Vallat and made the following contributions and expert insights:


French charcuteries have evolved to meet the multiple demands of consumers, who want to eat better, have a thorough understanding of production methods, seek greater transparency regarding animal welfare, and want us to honour gastronomic tradition…Bernard Vallat, FICT President


With this platform, we wanted to provide the knowledge so that everyone can intuitively understand and enjoy charcuteries, while adhering to current nutritional guidelines. This is why we have based our information on various consumer profiles (‘bon vivants’, or the ‘time go’ etc), rooted in everyday eating habits, without ever dictating what can or cannot be eaten.” Michel Krempf, Professor of Nutrition


An opinion poll among a small group of consumers, clearly revealed that numbers and quantitative recommendations are not of particular relevance to this audience, and that consumers do not necessarily want to get the scales out every time they prepare a meal.” Eric Birlouez, sociologist and food and agriculture expert


The interactive platform was conceived with two major aims:


  • Recreate a bond with consumers and reinstate their trust in charcuterie. Ten FICT member companies take to the platform and answer questions directly from consumers, sharing their knowledge and expertise to recommend premium quality charcuterie.
  • Help consumers navigate the vast choice of charcuterie available, with a handy, practical portion aid, in line with current nutritional and public health recommendations.







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